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Publisher: INFINIVOX

Publication Date: 2023

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The Year's Best Science Fiction

on Earth

Edited by Allan Kaster

This is a collection of the best science fiction stories set on planet Earth published in 2022 by leading voices of the genre.

  • “Lily, the Immortal” by Kylie Lee Baker—An AI takes over the digital image and personality of a vlogging star after her death.

  • “Welcome Home” by Jendayi Brooks-Flemister—A single mother and her daughter acclimate themselves to their new smart home.

  • “The Still Small Voice” by Louise Carey—An AI implant helps a neural stimulants salesman make it through another day.

  • “The Secret Strength of Things” by Gregory Feeley—A small AI burrows deep into the nitrogen ice of Triton to avoid a guardian AI that protects the moon.

  • “Once Upon a Future in the West” by Daryl Gregory—AIs aid a doctor, cowboy, and gambler ride out forest fires burning in northern California.

  • “Cold Revolution Blues” by Ken MacLeod—An English journalist travels to a future Holland looking for corruption in its socialist market economy.

  • “Dollbot Cicily” by Will McIntosh—A former model hacks into sexbots created in her own image.

  • “Hello from Tomorrow” by E.C. Myers—The daughter of a deceased scientist communicates with her father’s consciousness on a Mars-bound rover.

  • “Mender of Sparrows” by Ray Nayler—A war veteran finds a sparrow that is more than just a bird.

  • “Maximum Efficiency” by Holly Schofield—A damaged android, programmed to kill, comes across an old woman living alone in a farmhouse.

  • “The Secret of Silphium” by Megha Spinel—An assassin and an AI pursue a scholar who knows the healing power of a rare herb.

  • “Nirvana or Bust” by Michael Swanwick—The first human/AI hybrid scientist becomes an assassin’s target.

  • “Schlafstunde” by Lavie Tidhar—An enhanced mercenary engages with hive minds and battle dolls in order to complete her mission on a far-future Earth.

  • “Bumblebot” by Marie Vibbert— A robot bee is experimentally used to maintain a failing urban farm.

Paperback Book

286 pages


6 x 0.72 x 9 inches




1.1 pounds

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