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This is a collection of the best science fiction stories set on planet Earth published in 2022 by leading authors of the genre, edited by Allan Kaster.


  • “After the Storm” by James BradleyA teenager, planting mangroves to stave off the encroaching sea, struggles with her own personal erosion.
  • “Pollen and Salt” by Octavia Cade—A scientist grieves for her husband while studying pollen in salt marshes.
  • “The Talosite” by Rebecca Campbell—The daughter of an experimental neurologist reuses the bodies of the dead to send them back into combat in this World War I alternate history.
  • “Solidity” by Greg Egan—A student tries to navigate back to his family as reality unravels bit by bit.
  • “When the Tide Rises” by Sarah GaileyA sea urchin hunter on an underwater kelp farm is trapped on a company-owned farm.
  • “The Ferryman” by Saad Z. Hossain—A corpse collector finds his way of life threatened in a world where human engineering has made death uncommon.
  • “Optimist Cleaver’s Last Transmission” by J. C. Hsyu—A courier puts her perfect delivery record at risk in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.
  • “Quandary Aminu vs the Butterfly Man” by Rich LarsonA small-time criminal battles a bioengineered killer with a 24-hour lifespan. This story won the 2023 Eugie Foster Memorial Award for Short Fiction.
  • “Coyoteland” by Evan Marcroft—A doctor hires a coyote to smuggle her across the badlands of a future dystopian American Southwest.
  • “The Empty” by Ray Nayler —A remote truck driver investigates a plea for help near the remains of a diner in the desert.
  • “The Cottage in Omena” by Charles Andrew Oberndorf A woman returns to her family cottage by a lake where an infectious waterborne pathogen is prevalent.
  • “The White Leopard” by Michael Swanwick—A retired military drone operator illegally takes a war machine onto state game lands.
  • “Inheritance” by Hannah YangA daughter inherits her mother’s memories and sees herself as her mother saw her.

The Year's Best Science Fiction on Earth

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