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Publisher: INFINIVOX

Publication Date: 2023

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The Year's Top Tales of Space and Time 3

edited by Allan Kaster

An unabridged collection spotlighting the best space adventures, alternate histories, and time travel stories published in 2022 by current and emerging masters of the science fiction genre.


  • “The Lonely Time Traveler of Kentish Town” by Nadia Afifi—A Palestinian hires a time traveler to record his grandfather’s meeting with one of Britain’s most famous historical figures.

  • “The Sufficient Loss Protocol” by Kemi Ashing-Giwa—Hostile alien tech is discovered aboard a corporate spaceship.

  • “Kingsbury 1944” by Michael Cassutt—A chemist recalls working with an enigmatic team of scientists at a munitions plant in Indiana during World War II.

  • “Of All the New Yorks in All the Worlds” by Indrapramit Das—Long-distance relationships are hard; those across timelines even more so.

  • “Boy in the Key of Forskaen” by Eric Del Carlo—An abandoned boy on an alien planet bonds with a discarded semi-organic spaceship.

  • “Bishop’s Opening” by R.S.A. Garcia—The crew of a cargo spacecraft get caught up in the deadly court intrigue of a space-faring kingdom.

  • “An Expression of Silence” by Beth Goder—An explorer who struggles to interact with her crew mates tries to communicate with an alien.

  • “A Letter to Merlin” by Theodora GossTime travelers go to King Arthur’s court to repair humanity’s final timeline.

  • “Proof of Concept” by Auston Habershaw—An amorphous alien has amnesia on a spaceship full of belligerent aliens.

  • “The Mercy of the Sandsea” by T. L. Huchu—An old sand marine faces down an assassin on a planet with sandseas.

  • “The Chronologist” by Ian R. MacLeod—A boy plots against the winds of time only to see his life unravel.

  • “The Beast of Tara” by Michael Swanwick—Scientists detect residual sounds from the past at Ireland's Lia Fáil (aka the Speaking Stone).

Paperback Book

309 pages


6 x 0.78 x 9 inches




1.05 pounds

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