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Publisher: INFINIVOX

Publication Date: 2011

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The Year's Top Short SF Novels

edited by Allan Kaster

Short novels are movie length narratives that may well be the perfect length for science fiction stories. This collection presents the best-of-the-best science fiction novellas published in 2010 by current and emerging masters of this vibrant form of storytelling, edited by Allan Kaster.

  • “Return to Titan” by Stephen Baxter — Set in the author’s Xeelee sequence, Michael Poole and his father search one of Saturn’s moons for sentient life that would interfere with their plans to build a gateway to the stars.

  •  “The Sultan of the Clouds” by Geoffrey A. Landis — In this year’s Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award winner for best short fiction, a terraforming expert is inexplicably invited to Venus by the child who owns most of the planet’s habitable floating cities.

  • “Seven Cities of Gold” by David Moles — A Japanese relief worker is charged with tracking down the renegade Christian leader responsible for detonating a nuclear device in an Islam-occupied North American city.

  • “Jackie’s-Boy” by Steven Popkes — An orphaned child befriends an uplifted elephant from the abandoned St. Louis Zoo as they trek south across a sparsely populated North America to find sanctuary.

  • “A History of Terraforming” by Robert Reed — A young boy’s ambition to take up his father’s work of terraforming Mars, and then much of the solar system, discovers that much more than planets have been altered.

  • “Troika” by Alastair Reynolds — The lone survivor of a mission that explored a massive alien object attempts to reveal what he discovered despite the wishes of the Second Soviet Union.

  • “Several Items of Interest” by Rick Wilber — Set in the author’s S’hdonni universe, Earth ruling aliens ask a human collaborator to help quell a human insurrection led by the collaborator’s brother.

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