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ISBN: 979-8842596010

Paperback: 280 pages

Dimensions: 6 x 0.71 x 9 inches

Publisher: Infinivox

Publication Date: 2022

The Year's Top Tales of Space and Time 2

SKU: 979-8842596010
  • An unabridged collection spotlighting the best space operas, alternate histories, and time travel stories published in 2021 by current and emerging masters of the science fiction genre, edited by Allan Kaster.

    • “The Station of the Twelfth” by Chaz Brenchley — A stop along the monorail that loops around Cassini Crater pays tribute to the British heroes of a battle that took place on a Martian moon.
    • “Mulberry and Owl” by Aliette de Bodard — In this Xuya story, a rebel on the run from the Dragon Throne pursues the decommissioned conscious ship that once hunted her.
    • “Sleep and the Soul” by Greg Egan — In an alternate 19th century America, where humans do not sleep, all forms of unconsciousness are considered equivalent to death.
    • “Re: Bubble 476” by A. T. Greenblatt — Time aberrations distort the communications sent between two close friends working in different bubble universes.
    • “The Dark Side” by John Kessel — President McKinley’s assassin becomes ever more delirious after taking a ride at the 1901 World’s Fair inspired by H. G. Wells’s The First Men in the Moon.
    • Antonia and the Stranger Who Came to Rancho Los Feliz” by Lisa Morton — A man from an alternate L.A. uses a temporal portal to visit a ranch in a 20th century agrarian Los Angeles, in the nation of Alta California.
    • “A Rocket for Dimitrios” by Ray Nayler — After salvaging technology from the wreckage of an alien saucer in 1938, the Americans are racing the Russians to find a second possible crash site in the aftermath of World War II.
    • “Dream Atlas” by Michael Swanwick — A scientist discovers a dream continuum that stretches through space and time making it possible to observe the past and future.
    • “The Burning Girl” by Carrie Vaughn — People with supernatural powers join William the Conqueror in an attack on the final stronghold of the last Saxon lords of England.
    • “A Pall of Moondust” by Nick Wood — A botanist balks at returning to the lunar surface after surviving a freak accident on the Moon.
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