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ISBN: 978-1976168987

Paperpack: 222 pages

Dimensions ‏: ‎ 5.98 x 0.51 x 9.02 inches

Publisher: Infinivox

Publication Date: 2017

The Year's Top Hard Science Fiction Stories

SKU: 978-1976168987
  • An unabridged collection spotlighting the “best of the best” hard science fiction stories published in 2016 by current and emerging masters of the genre, edited by Allan Kaster.

    • “Vortex” by Gregory Benford Astronauts find a once thriving microbial lifeform that carpets the caves of Mars dying off.
    • “RedKing” by Craig DeLancey A code monkey tracks down the vain creator of a pernicious software virus that people jack cerebrally.
    • “Number Nine Moon” by Alex Irvine Illicit scavengers on Mars are on a rescue mission to save themselves after one of their team members dies.
    • “Of the Beast in the Belly” by C.W. Johnson A young girl’s thirst for vengeance becomes a struggle for survival when she is swallowed by a gigantic sea creature on an alien planet.
    • “The Seventh Gamer” by Gwyneth Jones A writer immerses herself into a MMORPG community to search for characters being played by real aliens from other worlds.
    • “Chasing Ivory” by Ted Kosmatka A woman armed with a rifle stalks a herd of cloned wooly mammoths in British Columbia.
    • “Fieldwork” by Shariann Lewitt A volcanologist struggles with her research on Europa where both her mother and grandmother suffered dire consequences.
    • “Seven Birthdays” by Ken Liu A daughter pays homage to her mother with mega-engineering projects to deal with climate change over eons.
    • “The Visitor from Taured” by Ian R. MacLeod A cosmologist in the near future is obsessed with proving his theory of multiverses.
    • “Something Happened Here, But We’re Not Quite Sure What It Was” by Paul McAuley The citizens of a small town on a “Jackaroo” planet object to a corporation placing a radio telescope near local alien artifacts.
    • “Sixteen Questions for Kamala Chatterjee” by Alastair Reynolds A graduate student defends her dissertation on a solar anomaly that threatens humanity.
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