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ISBN: 979-8498680118

Paperback: 310 pages

Dimensions: 6 x 0.78 x 9 inches

Publisher: Infinivox

Publication Date: 2021

The Year's Top Robot and AI Stories: 2nd Annual Collection

SKU: 979-8498680118
  • An unabridged collection spotlighting the best robot and AI stories published in 2020 by current and emerging masters of the science fiction genre, edited by Allan Kaster.

    • “Callme and Mink” by Brenda Cooper — A robot that trains dogs tries to find good homes for them in a post-collapse world.
    • “Go. Now. Fix.” by Timons Esaias — A “Panda Pillow,” programmed to comfort children, finds itself in the middle of an airplane disaster.
    • “Your Boyfriend Experience” by James Patrick Kelly — A sexbot designer wants his boyfriend to test out his latest android.
    • “Metal Like Blood in the Dark” by T. Kingfisher — Two space-faring robot siblings, living off sunlight and metal, are captured by an evil drone. This story won the Hugo Award.
    • “The Beast Adjoins” by Ted Kosmatka — A woman stranded on a comet schemes to keep her son alive and beat the AIs who have nearly wiped out humanity.
    • 50 Things Every AI Working with Humans Should Know” by Ken Liu — The obituary for an AI provides a list of advice for other advanced AIs.
    • “The Ambient Intelligence” by Todd McAulty — A man in power armor confronts a sixty-ton killer robot hiding out in a shipwreck in Lake Michigan.
    • “Nic and Viv’s Compulsory Courtship” by Will McIntosh — An AI that controls a city sets up an unwilling couple to become “ideal partners.”
    • “Father” by Ray Nayler — In an alternate 1950s, the VA sends a robot to be a surrogate father to the son of a dead soldier.
    • “A Guide for Working Breeds” by Vina Jie-Min Prasad — A grumpy robot mentors a perky robot who is having problems with its role in society.
    • “Rover” by A. T. Sayre — A Martian rover, unable to communicate with Earth, detects a repeating radio signal from a spaceship.
    • “Come the Revolution” by Ian Tregillis — In an alternate 18th Century Holland, a robot is determined to escape her makers’ constraints.
    • “Sparklybits” by Nick Wolven — The sole stay-at-home mother of a multi-mom family must come to a gut-wrenching decision about their virus-infected smart home.
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