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Aliens Rule Audible Image.jpg

Publisher: INFINIVOX

Publication Date: 2009

Aliens Rule

edited by Allan Kaster
Read by Tom Dheere and Vanessa Hart

224 minutes - Unabridged audiobook

An unabridged audio collection of three stories that chronicle the lives of people striving to survive on Earth, under the rule of aliens.  

  • “Okanoggan Falls” by Carolyn Ives Gilman — A housewife subtly resists the forceable relocation of her townspeople by an alien military captain.

  • “Laws of Survival” by Nancy Kress — A woman must make dogs act correctly for aliens in order to stay alive.

  • “How Music Begins” by James Van Pelt — A junior high school band director struggles to keep the band members’ spirits up after they’ve been shanghaied, by unknown and unseen aliens, and confined to a dormitory and practice auditorium.


"Each story in Aliens Rule is quite riveting, so it is unlikely that the listeners mind will wander while listening to the three CDs - or at least mine did not, which is something that often happens when I listen to music. In short, Aliens Rule is a collection of well-chosen, well-read stories." - Cathy Green, SFRevu

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