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The Fluted Girl.jpg

Publisher: INFINIVOX

Publication Date: 2006

The Fluted Girl

by Paolo Bacigalupi

read by Shondra Marie

62 Minutes - Unabridged audiobook

The fluted girl had been given Revitia treatments at thirteen to freeze her features in the matrix of youth. She had been given the stolen black eyes of an Indian girl. Pigment drugs drained color from her skin. Then surgeries and cell knitters completed her transformation into a performance artist for the rich.


Everything is possible in Paolo Bacigalupi's The Fluted Girl. All you ever wanted is here but it all has a price, and often the physical cost is just way to steep. Cell knitters, Revitia treatments and stolen body parts, halt, stop, and improve all manner of the human body. And the goal here… simply to improve one’s social standing in Bacigalupi's decadent future world. Enter into this world of capitalistic dreams, twin girls. With a lifetime of treatments behind them they are now ready to take to the stage as human flutes in a performance that should delight everyone. That is, everyone except the twins. 

From the moment Shondra Marie’s voice submerses you into this world you are dreading the final outcome. With Marie’s voice and Bacigalupi's guidance you are unable to leave this story until the final outcome has been spoken. This is a tale that lingers…well after the hour is up and it is well advised to re-play this one, just to catch all the hints and tricks Bacigalupi uses to make this such a moving tale. Infinivox has unearthed an exceptional gem of a story here in The Fluted Girl and with their production they’ve polished it to a fine diamond. Well done. Listen to this story if only to see the opulent world that Paolo Bacigalupi's has created but once you’re there… you’re in until the end… that I promise. - Tony Smith, StarshipSofa

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